Your customers are already at your door step. Have you opened your door? 

It’s no longer about finding customer. TechBirds Technologies is your one stop provider to the futuristic technologies to grow up your business beyond perceptions. We are the providers of web based technologies to put your business before the world in an innovative way. We’ll provide you a featured website at an amazing price tag. Take a glance at the services we provide in our package.
Our aim is to help businesses, both large and small, manage their business phone system via a virtual phone system. our cloud telephony eliminates the need to invest in any hardware or maintenance. And that is one of the biggest pain points of traditional systems like EPABX/PBX. Every business, irrespective of its size should be able to utilise features like IVR, Call Recordings to sound professional and serve their customers better. We believe that we’re at the forefront of something big. Cloud telephony is poised to change the way businesses function. 

Also offer a dedicated Social Media Center to ensure good governance through better communication with public/consumers.

We also deals in product marketing and offers different type of services for different type of customers.

e-Saaransh is a project is dedicated to develop skill s in people in different fields of different areas. We offers innovation in learning to make learning easiest than ever before. For Government institution we offers our services in very affordable rates.

Features we are offering:

Feedback form, Live chat, Submit form, Pod-casting, Introduction video, Password protected document sharing, Online help desk, News letter, E-mail id,  Online billing, Online survey, Events management, Password protected page, Audio call, Video call, Timeline visualization, Geo visualization and many more...